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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Available Purses

Baby Leopard Appaloosa in Flowers. Retail $29

Stylized Appaloosa. Retail $49

Burgundy Spirit. Retail $49

Fighters (lined) . Retail $50

Purple/Blue Spitis Horse. Retail $50

Burgundy and Buckskin. Retail $50

Wool Purses

I love the feeling of mixing textures and of 'real' fabrics.  Keep the polyester away from me please.
These purses are all wool.  Granted they are different kinds of wool but pure nontheless.  I cannot knit to save my life so I use recycled wool.  In this throwaway society it makes me feel good to give items a second life.  My wool is all machine felted, then made into a purse.  I hand felt the designs and details using wool roving.  All designs are freehand and no purse is exactly like another.  I create as the spirit moves me.
The handles are mostly made from used tack.  Reins, breast collars, martingales etc... are all cleaned and conditioned and then fashioned into handles with a familiar and comforting sense for any equestrian.